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OC reference sheet John Puto by Logan-Spartan125 OC reference sheet John Puto by Logan-Spartan125
Name: John Puto
Age: none (an immortal creation)
Height: 7 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 53 lb.
Species: none (he's a mannequin)
Gender: Male

History: He is a mannequin created by Death. He was first given "life" in a museum in our universe. In the museum he gained knowledge of everything on Earth (the time period this took place was our own), where the museum resided. He was given the task to gain fight styles and weapon techniques from the museum mannequins, which the meseum was a collection of fighting styles and weapon techniques throughout history (Earth History). After that he was brought to "Time", the center of the Multiverse. The he gained a vast amount of knowledge of every universe that exists. He was later given the task to solve major problems in the Multiverse(major includes that anything like tampering with time drastically, try to take over multiple universes, or attacking Time itself, or other events that would effect more than one universe).

Personality: He is a fun and joking guy. But, he is polite and will try to help you with problems you face. Thanks to his vast amount of knowledge he will most likly understand the problem you face. He talks like a person that would text you or a person playing a game, often saying things like "lol" among other things. He is rude if you have made yourself his enemy saying response like "yo momma".(He has learned of these phrases and terms because of his knowledge of our modern Earth)

Skills: He is skilled in every fighting style and weapons technique known to man. His athletic traits are that of above human level. His mannequin body is laced with a strong metal if you manage to get past his armor. He can create weapons and abilities out of a dark aura Death uses. You can see the things he will often use in a fight in my gallery listed as "John's Weapons & Powers" with the link here >[link] . He has a vast amount of knowledge most minds would find hard to comprehend and knows everything about our Earth. Even though he is immortal he can be beatten up like everyone else. He can come back together with the dark abilities he has but the more serious the damage the longer it takes to come back together. He knows how the construct works so it means more than one thing to him. He usually won't use it except as a house maybe.

Etc. : There are actually not many problems in the Multiverse as you would expect. For most universes it is hard to travel to another universe. Most universes have no idea of the multiverse concept.

TBOS-OCT info: He was "Chosen" by Lady Ink and was given a pentagon shaped Construct.


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May 18, 2011
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